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VPM has built a virtual global network that offers a broad array of solutions to meet your communications needs, wherever they may be, by harnessing the combining powers of our partners with wireless broadband and geosynchronous satellites positioned in space with those of high-speed global terrestrial fiber backbones. By using broadcast technology, VPM is seamlessly enabling its customers to transports high-quality data, voice and video content for television programming, telephony, business communications, high-quality audio, broadband, and Internet connectivity.

Our Focus

Communications reliability. Maximum productivity. Business continuity. With today's world of increasing competition and globalization, both commercial and government communications and network professionals are facing unprecedented challenges. Ensuring uninterrupted high-speed private data network availability and Internet access-virtually anywhere in the world, in any situation, is paramount to its success.

In addition to offering global connectivity, VPM also offers expertise in network design, implementation and production. Our 24 x 7 customer care service is available to maintain and optimize network operations. VPM is uniquely positioned to provide all these elements together with its business partners.

Our Values

Let Us Provide Your Company With The Tools To Grow and Success Globally

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+1-888-492-4988 Office
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+1-888-492-4988 Office)
+1-866-714-7050 Fax
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+1-888-492-4988 Office
+1-866-714-7050 Fax
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